When you are texting girls it is advisable to talk about positive things and talk about something interesting. Do not let you send a small chat message that contains pleasantries only. Maybe this happened due to running out of topics of conversation, but it is strongly recommended not to do that, it can make him uncomfortable. It is important to keep looking for a positive topic of conversation without having to make her uncomfortable and disturbed. And don’t joke too often let alone make a dirty joke. When a message doesn’t get a reply, you have to wait patiently for your reply. Do not bombard her with messages. Keep in mind that this can cause discomfort for him. All you have to know is that not everyone always checks their phone at any time, so you have to wait patiently for her reply.

If you find it difficult to set the flow of conversation while chatting you can do it by digging up a little important information, be it a hobby or what you like. From there you can set a strategy to determine a new topic when you run out of topics. Ask if she feels comfortable texting with you. The key to success in chatting via texts is to try to ask if your crush feels comfortable while you are doing it. The point is to not let her feel uncomfortable and feel like wasting her time. Try to always ask if your partner feels comfortable and what makes her feel uncomfortable. That way you can be better at texting and keep the conversation going but you should not ask that question too often.

The biggest obstacle of this stage is shyness and this feeling will lead to feelings of fear, fear of starting a conversation, fear of conveying feelings, fear of being rejected and others. Try to get her to meet you. However, face to face meetings is the most effective form of communication. You can try to invite her to meet so that the process of getting to know her can be much better.