Watching films of various genres turns out to be different, one of which is watching comedy films. Watching comedy can be like movies and tv series or cartoons, and all of that, of course, can be watched by streaming online like with 123 movies service, click resources.

The most common feature of a comedy film is being able to make the audience laugh because the storyline is very funny. But, did you know that in addition to making the audience laugh out loud, watching comedy films also has many benefits such as the following? Listen, yes.

1. Relieve stress
It’s no secret if watching comedy films can reduce a person’s stress level. This is because funny scenes in comedy films can provoke someone’s laughter and laughter is the most effective medicine to relieve stress.

So, when your mind is tired because you think about a lot of things or your feelings are upset, it never hurts you to make comedy as your escape.

2. Boosts the immune system
Don’t be surprised by one of the benefits of watching this one comedy movie. You should know that when laughing means your body is increasing the number of antibodies so that the body will be more immune to the disease. Laughter is also able to make you always think positively about everything that happens.

3. Reduces high blood pressure
Watching comedy genre films is indeed a masterpiece that makes anyone laugh out loud. And laughing is one way to lower your blood pressure. Of course, this is very good because it can reduce the risk of heart disease.

4. Treating pain due to a broken heart
Holding back pain during a broken heart by just staying still is not good because it can cause illness. You have to be able to let go of those feelings so that you are freer and burdened. Instead of wailing and crying, it would be better for you to watch a comedy movie.

5. Can stimulate the mind
Who would have thought that a comedy film known as a funny movie could not only make the audience laugh but also stimulate the mind in the brain?

Types of comedy films that can do the task, for example, stand up comedy. In stand up comedy, the audience is forced to be able to understand and think about the purpose of the story being told.

Well, those are 5 positive benefits that you will get after watching a comedy movie. Come on, from now on, watch more comedy films.