If you are looking for oil paints that produce quality, vibrant paintings without spending as much money

and time as oil, acrylic paint is the choice. Painting with acrylic paint is a satisfying hobby and an

excellent way to create works of art for your home and friends. You can get some tips by Wayne Crossland

on our website.

Choose acrylic paint. There are dozens of brands of acrylic paint in the form of tubes or jars. Buying

acrylic paint is something that is not often or rarely done, so it’s better to spend a little more money

and choose an expensive brand. Cheap acrylic paint is not as thick as the more expensive brands, so you

need to paint 2-3 times the coating to get a vivid color like the expensive paint in just one painting.

To begin, buy basic colors: titanium white, mars black, ultramarine blue, red-alizarin crimson, and

orange-yellow. Most of the paint colors that you need can be produced from a combination of these basic

colors. Tube paint is preferred by beginners because you can buy it in small quantities. However, there

is no difference in quality between acrylic paint in a tube and that in a jar.

Choose several brushes. Brushes have many types and are categorized into two based on the shape of the

brush tip and the bristles. There are three types of brush tip types: flat, round and round evenly.

There is a lot of material used to make brush bristles, but the most common are synthetic fur and wild

boar fur. Most novice painters choose synthetic bristle brushes with several types of brush tip shapes.

Buy a pallet. You need a place to mix the paint and store the paint between the pauses when painting. If

you want to save money, plastic plates or paper can be used as a pallet. Anything that is wide, flat,

and has a clean surface can be used as a pallet. However, because acrylic paint dries quickly, it will

be more profitable if you buy a stay-wet pallet.

Determine the medium of painting. Acrylic paint is thick and heavy, so it can only be used on a number

of surfaces. The most common media used to paint acrylic paint are canvas boards, drawing paper, or