Waves of thought or frequency and references/memories that exist in our minds can make a person affected by black magic. From childhood, we see films or stories about shamans, witchcraft, black magic or other occult arts. The stories we hear through the ears and the movies we see with our eyes are all recorded in our brains. This memory causes us to be affected. There are similarities in frequency. Furthermore, you can also remove black magic by changing your mind’s frequency.

Everything we have ever felt, listened to, seen, and smelled with the sense of smell will be recorded and stored. These are all references. And if one day we are in a place where there are similarities to those in the reference that we have, then it will easily make the frequency of our mind waves in harmony with the situation.

The frequency of believing things that do not make an increase in self-glory, we call low frequency. Vibrations or frequencies that draw us deeper into attachment. Vibrations are increasingly distancing from the main purpose of human birth.

If you want to avoid magic, change the frequency of vibration or the frequency of our thoughts. Someone who is easily exposed to black magic is when in a state of anxiety, fear, confusion. In this state, the person is severing his connection with the energy of the universe. He broke his relationship with God. At that time, the person was easily affected by black magic.

Conversely, those who are always cheerful and laugh happily will be hard to be affected by black magic. The frequency of joy and happiness in harmony with the nature of the universe. So, when we are truly in that state, we are inundated with the energy of the universe. All things related to science can automatically be avoided.

Maybe someone asks; ‘What if he says he doesn’t believe?’

When he says he doesn’t believe but likes to read or watch horror films, he actually believes. Because this is the nature of the law of attraction. If you really do not believe, he did not like to hear and watch movies that are related to it.