Wooden stairs will look beautiful if you add a new varnish layer. When reprinting an old ladder, you must take the time to repair, peel, and sand the ladder before polishing it. On a new ladder, you can immediately apply a wooden conditioner, polish and polish it. It takes at least a full day because of the many details that must be considered. However, this will give extraordinary results. If you want to get maling af trappeopgang service, you can go to our website.

– Repairing and Cleaning Stairs
Remove all carpets with pliers and levers. Move, cover, or seal furniture and other objects that are near the stairs. Open doors and windows that are nearby to create ventilation. Ventilation will help remove some of the dust from the results of the sanding.

– Peel off old paint or polish
Apply the chemical peeler to stairs that have thick paint or stubborn stains. Sandpaper scratches, indentations, and polishes that remain using sandpaper with moderate grit (roughness). If you are polishing a new ladder, maybe you only need to sand it once with fine sandpaper. Determine whether you want to twirl all the stairs or alternately, depending on needs. Ideally, you should close access to the stairs for at least 2 days after all work has been completed. If this is not possible, clean up the stairs alternately so that you can still use it.

– Apply Wood Conditioner
Use wood varnishes, varnishes and conditioners (if necessary) of the same type. Rub the wood conditioner, especially on softwood like pine. Lightly sanded wood emery using fine sandpaper.

– Smear varnish
Apply the first coat of brush using a brush or washcloth. Wipe the excess varnish that does not seep into the wood after 5 to 15 minutes has passed. Use a dry, clean cloth to wipe the grain in the direction of the wood grain. Give an extra coat of finish to get deeper and darker results.

– Protect varnish with varnish
Give a layer of polyurethane varnish that is designed specifically for the floor (floor-grade). Lightly sandpaper the varnish if you want to give a second coat. When finished, let the coating dry for at least 48 hours before you use the stairs.