Having a home that is comfortable and looks good is the dream of many people. To make it happen, you must consider many things, one of which is to choose the color of the house paint. Choosing a combination of house paint colors should not be haphazard. So that the house looks beautiful and comfortable, there are several color combinations that are suitable for the room. You can also visit malerstaubo.dk if you need to hire a professional house painter to help you paint your house perfectly.

Well, here are 5 minimalist house paint colors that are predicted to be hot in 2020:

1. Black and white

The color combinations commonly used for minimalist homes are black and white. The combination of these two colors makes the house look bright. You can also combine other colors to make the room look more beautiful.

2. Pink

Pink or pink turns out to be suitable for minimalist homes. Pink does not always mean feminine and only for children’s rooms.

Pink is great for homes with contemporary and traditional styles. Not only that, the color pink is not too excessive when used to paint the room.

The pink paint is suitable for application in the bedroom or lounge. Pink will be better if combined with green, blue, gray, and other colors that tend to be neutral.

3. Earth tone combination

Earth tone colors such as brown, reddish, and terracotta give a warm feeling in the room. These colors were popular in the 80s and are now back in favor of many people.

Earth tones can come alive when combined with other colors. For example, combine it with black, darkest pink, mauve, dark blue, and green.

4. Beige

Cream-colored paint isn’t always boring. Provided, we can outsmart by providing furniture or a combination with contrasting colors, such as dark gray, black, and olive green.

5. Dark and light gray

Dark colors can also be used in minimalist homes, as a dark gray. You can add light-colored accents to some furniture. Dark gray will make light-colored furniture more visible.