If you want to pursue a hobby of wood crafts, then there are several kinds of tools that need to be owned. These tools are usually used to get precision wood quality. With the availability of complete wood utensils, wooden crafts such as tables, chairs, shelves, beds, cabinets, etc. can be carved and shaped as needed. If you are looking for some wooden tools to store in your garage, try checking at more at sawdigest.com.

1. Roll meter
Roll meter can roll back automatically and it also has a special construction. There are also meter rollers that do not roll automatically but are equipped with a lever to roll. Roller meters are generally made of thin steel or plastic plates. This roll meter is available ranging in size from 5 meters, 10 meters, 30 meters to 50 meters in units of mm, cm, feet or inches. Measuring instruments with a level of accuracy up to 0.5 mm serves to measure length or distance and can also be used to measure circles.

2. Jigsaw
Jigsaw is a saw with a thin blade and the movement of the saw blade up and down. Because of this, the chainsaw is suitable for cutting thin materials such as plywood to get circular, oval or other curvature shapes.

3. Drilling Machines
Drilling machine or drilling machine is the equipment used to drill wood to make small to large diameter holes. For example, nut holes, keyholes or Nagel holes. For woodworks, there are several types of drill bits that are often used. For example, soft low carbon steel drill bits are used for wood materials that are not too hard such as plywood and high-speed steel drill bits for types of hardwood.

4. Wood Planers
A wood planer is a machine that has a chisel cutter. If this tool is moved across, a flat and smooth wood surface will be obtained. This shrinkage becomes an important stage before the wood enters the finishing stage.