For good advertising, it should be installed regularly. When people’s memories of a product begin to decline, then the strength of the test will be recalled and flare up continuously, so as not to be pressured by the memories of other brands. So how many days is the best distance to place the ad from one test to the next test? According to Strong’s investigation, the best distance is ONE WEEK. If the distance is too short then the results may be large, but the percentage of excess results will not be proportional. Apart from that, before we continue, if you want to boost the effectiveness of your location-based ads, we recommend you to try geofencing advertising services.

When adverts must be posted, there are 2 (two) considerations, namely:

Consideration # 1: A few moments before people got money

This is done so that the desire to buy can really be implemented. If the payment of wages is made once a week, then the ad must be posted the day before the payment day. If they are aiming for monthly employees, then advertising should be done a few days before the salary payment date.

Consideration # 2: Lack of time

Another view holds that adverts are generally rarely read by people because they lack time. Therefore, it is recommended that you place an ad on Saturday, because tomorrow is a Sunday off, so people will have enough time to read the ad.