Skateboarding has never lost its fans. Moreover, with the emergence of various public spaces that are very friendly for skaters to skate, of course, more and more people are also interested in trying this extreme sport. There are many board options to use when playing like a cruiser skateboard, longboard, and many more.

Are you also one of those who want to try skateboarding? Before starting this hobby, of course, there are some things that you need to know and understand to speed up on a skateboard to be more smooth.

1. Start learning to fall-control-jump
When starting a skate hobby, the first thing to learn is the falling technique. Of course, when skating, beginners will often fall because they are not familiar. If you’re not careful, the wrong position or method of falling can be fatal! So, make sure you master the correct falling techniques so learning to skate can be more maximal!

2. All techniques can be developed from jumps
The alias “Ollie” jumping technique you can slowly develop into other techniques such as jumping so the board sticks. Then, this technique can be upgraded to just another skateboard.

After memorizing the basic jumping techniques, you can slowly begin to try climbing things like benches or flat bar rails. All these tricks you can put together and try to apply to other obstacles that are suitable for skating.

3. Maintain balance by knowing the strength of your own feet
A common mistake that beginner skaters often make is regarding the position of the foot on the skateboard. This is important because it will affect the balance and control of the skateboard.
Understand the strength of your own feet. Which foot responds faster to control the board, and which one responds more to releasing the board when you start losing control.

4. Must stay focused
Playing skates should be happy if you are on a skateboard, but always stay focused. Never get bored looking for tricks. Because the skate style is all formed from one’s lifestyle. Don’t be afraid to explore new tricks, don’t give up easily, and keep on adding new friends wherever you skate.