The flexibility of lecture hours makes students have enough free time. Many positive things can be done to fill the free time From taking part in student activity units, intellectual discussions, to finding business ideas to go through and as simple as affiliate marketing.

Today there are quite several business choices for students. These business options are right for students because they are not full time.

Some businesses can be run without the need to spend large capital. So for those of you students who want to hone business skills while making huge profits in their spare time, here are some business ideas for students with high earning potential.

Web design
A business idea for students with high earning potential is to design a website. Web design is not just a business field for information technology students because this expertise can be learned by everyone. Proven many professional web designers who do not have an information technology education background. The payment that you can receive varies depending on the complexity of the desired website.

Pet Grooming
Modern society which is increasingly busy with its work makes attention to the pet-less and less. The most common case is pets that are rarely invited to walk and grooming. Though these two things are crucial points for maintaining the health and happiness of dogs. This is where you as a student can use your free time to take their pets for a walk or grooming on the spot.

The rate can reach $ 10 to $ 15 per hour for one dog. Pet grooming is not just a business for veterinary students, other faculty students can run it as long as they understand the ins and outs of animal care.

Online business
The ease and flexibility offered online to make it the right choice for students starting a business. You can start an online business that sells things that are often sought after by the public such as snacks, clothes for pregnant and breastfeeding women, gadget accessories, or imported makeup. If your capital is limited then you can also become a reseller or drop shipper. You can also make money from interesting writings that you post on your blog or website and join the affiliate marketing website to get income from the website.