Electricity is important in our life but to handle it, you need to trust professional electrician Columbia SC because without proper knowledge and skill you are putting yourself at the risk of electric shock. Electric shock is one of the deadliest events that often occur around the house. The case of electric shock is not trivial because every year, around 1000 deaths occur due to electric shock. Not only adults are at risk, but teens and children also have the same electric shock risk. However, you do not need to panic because you can apply the following simple method to overcome the electric shock.

Electric shock can arise when a person experiences direct contact with the flow of electricity into his body. Some common causes of electric shock are direct contact with the power source or contact with unprotected electrical equipment or cables, an electric connection from a high-voltage power cable, direct contact with machines or electrical devices in the work environment, and lightning strike. There are no sure signs or symptoms when someone is electrocuted so that the signs and symptoms will vary. No wonder then that the risks posed vary, depending on what organs are affected by the electric current.

The size of the damage caused when electrocuted is influenced by several things. For example, the duration of contact with electric current, the type of electric current and the strength of the electric current, the spread of electricity in the body, and the health condition of the victim. Decreased or increased blood pressure to the heart, heart damage, heart rhythm disorders, coronary infarction, until the heart stops. That is why handling electricity is not for people without proper training and not having the proper equipment. You must always use the service of your trusted electrician whenever you have a problem with the socket, lightning or any electrical appliance to avoid the harmful risk of electric shock.