Seeing magic shows from the magician gold coast certainly makes you remember other performances that you have seen before. Indeed, magic isn’t limited to only 1 or 2 games. There are so many types of difficult games that we can see on television or in person. Here are some games in magic that you may have seen or had just known about.

1). Card Magic
This type of magic can be sure to require a card deck, which contains 52 cards. This magic covers various types of game styles. From guessing the audience choice card to removing the card from empty hands continuously.
For the card itself, it has been created by many manufacturers of equipment and magic gimmicks throughout the world to very many and with different functions.

2). Close Up Magic
Close Up Magic, Can be done as stage magic, or street magic. Close Up Magic, is magic that requires direct interaction with the spectator can be 1 or 2 people at once. This magic covers almost all styles of magic games.

Close Up Magic, can do anything only you can do. this makes close up magic, the basic ingredient of novice magicians. Because by doing close up magic, you can immediately practice mastering your spectator according to the scenario you made with your magic. If you make a little mistake, the spectator will not always be aware of it. You are the one who mastered them with your performance.

3). Mentalist
Mental magic, including magic with special expertise. even so, studying it is not said to be difficult. This type of magic includes hypnotic, predictive magic, and even magic with dangerous styles such as Russian Roulette.

4). Classic Magic
This classic magic trick is a type of magic that was famous in the 1950s. This magic needs many things in the performance. Eliminate and bring up birds with a handkerchief. Pouring water into the newspaper, without making it wet and much more. This magic, remains to be excellent in stage magic games. Even for magicians who want to do stage magic, it’s incomplete if they don’t do classical magic.