If relationships in the family can be built through good and healthy communication, the same thing applies to the relationship between us and God. We may subconsciously give priority to the prayer of all our daily activities such as using miracle healing prayers only in sickness. Pray yes only modestly and indifferent to how children or spouses are also involved in prayer every day. If only we knew the importance of prayer, we might regret having spent every day without unity in prayer with the family. Make families more grateful to God is the benefit of praying together. There is an abbreviation called ACTS (adoration, confession, thanksgiving, supplication). We can call it ‘worship, confession (sin), thanksgiving and petition’. These are the elements in a prayer service. But prayer may include praise and gratitude for the blessings we have received. By following this kind of prayer pattern, all family members will be able to focus more on remembering all the good and thankful things in life.

Giving thanks helps us to realize how much God has blessed us. Giving thanks through prayer can make us happier, rejoice and realize that God is real, powerful and loving. Prayer can bring all family members to experience spiritual growth. Sharing about problems, obstacles and also the need to be prayed for can build healthy and intimate conversations between family members. When one another knows each other’s circumstances and prays to God, that’s where an extraordinary agreement occurs. Take a moment after prayer to ask if God reminded one of the family members about a verse or word from God. When that is done every day, both husband, wife, and children will continue to grow in intimacy with God’s spirit.

Prayer builds a strong bond between family and God. The habit of praying with the family will build a strong bond between each family member and God. When we pray, we believe that God must hear our prayers. That is why, the more often we pray, the stronger the family ties with the presence of God.